Solario Vario Renschler
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Mini vario op zonnecel, alleen akoestisch


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De Solario van Renschler is de kleinste en lichtste vario.

De Solario is een akoestische vario en werkt op een zonnecel die al werkt met weinig licht, dus nooit meer batterijen of een lege batterij. Veel piloten die terug willen naar eenvoud plakken deze vario aan de helm en klaar.
Natuurlijk is de Solario ook zeer geschikt als reserve vario, en omdat hij op een zonnecel werkt is hij nooit leeg. Het aanspreekpunt en sink-tone is aan de achterkant met een draaikop in te stellen.
  • Afmeting 54 x 36 x 21 mm
  • Gewicht 36 gr.
Deze vario is al jaren een enorm succes, lees hieronder een oud artikel over de Solario:

Bruce Goldsmith wrote about the SOLARIO in his Icaristics column in "Cross County", Aug/Sept '99 entitled 'Go Simple'. Bruce had been frustrated with the bulkiness and complexity of the newer airborne computers. He then switched to carrying only the SOLARIO mounted in the ventilation hole of his helmet. Bruce writes:

"I've been flying with this set up for two years now. It really is as minimalist as you can get. No altimeter, no visual vario, no dials or screens to look at or get in the way of real flying. This is important because it allows you to concentrate on other things rather than your instruments. You should always focus your attention on what's going on around you, and observation skills often make the key difference between a good pilot and a bad pilot.
"Last week I was teaching an XC course at Moustiers St Marie....and on the last day...I flew 120 km. At the end of the day...over a pine forest I looked up and suddenly felt the wind in my helmet had fallen off! But my problem was worse, my vario (the SOLARIO) was in the helmet and falling 500 meters down. I noted very carefully where the helmet fell. That night there was a big storm and it rained heavily.
"One week later I was back in the same area, so I went to look for the helmet. I found the helmet had rolled down the hill. The helmet was upside down and the top was full of water, and then I noticed on closer inspection that the vario was gone. I followed the path the helmet would have taken back up the hill....where I found the circuit board for the vario. Its case was lying in two halves on the ground nearby. I shook out the water, dried it in the sun, put all the pieces together, turned it on and, amazingly, it worked! Now it's back in my helmet and I am reunited with my favorite little bird that sings to me in the thermals."
Say no more...well maybe a little more. The Solario is simply the best mini vario money can buy. With three different tone settings, and four different sink alarm settings, the SOLARIO gives you big features the other mini varios don't. Like 4 sink alarm sensitivity adjustments, 3 volume adjustments, and a temperature compensated 20,000 ft operating altitude. Wow! Oh yes, and did we mention that you will NEVER have to buy batteries. A 60 MINUTE reserve capacitor means you'll never be without a functioning instrument. It's TOTALLY solar powered!! An excellent addition as a backup vario....or even on its own...the SOLARIO can't be matched.

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